Upright Working

In addition to an amazing team and great work environment, one of the things I inherited with my new gig is a standing desk. The desk was left by my predecessor and, prior to starting, our office manager asked if I'd like to keep it. I'd never used a standing

The Weekly Reader

Back by popular demand, I've reactivated the Static Made Weekly Reader. As the name suggests, the reader is a weekly dispatch that wrangles, packages and sends posts from the previous week straight into your inbox. The email is sent bright and early every Saturday morning. It goes perfect with a

Digital Story Listening

There has been some discussion recently about how digital technologies impact the storytelling process. People are writing about it and conference keynotes are being organized around the premise that we're operating in unheralded times. Modern, media-infused, multi-platform times. While it's true technology has influenced nearly everything we touch these days,

A Mission and a Marker

I've been writing and developing Static Made three years this month. Before that, I was publishing a less-focused personal blog. And before that, I had a fairly-well-read lefty political site. If we go all the way back, a Geocities page for emo show reviews got the whole thing rolling for

We Were Promised Hoverboards

It's the year 2015. Let's just stop and think about that for a moment. To some, there is nothing impressive about this year over, say, 2014. However to me and many other 30-something creatives, the weight of this year is substantial. 2015 is the year we were promised hoverboards. Like