by Jeffrey Inscho

I'm a writer, strategist and cultural technologist living in Pittsburgh. My work lives at the intersection of technology, culture, mindfulness and participation.

  1. Fault Lines

    Innovation starts on the fringes. It germinates on the edges and festers in the shadows. It begins below the surface where the dissidents and dissatisfied reside, and it is from these depths that seismic shifts occur. These shifts rarely happen slowly and incrementally. We may think of them as glacial,…

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  2. Technology and Implicit Bias

    I recently spent a few days at a museum technology conference that was, surprisingly, not very technical. Of course there were standard-issue talks that dove deep into code, frameworks and digital specificity, but the overwhelming current emerging from the gathering of cultural technorati consistently touched upon the human elements of…

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  3. Je suis Paris

    When atrocities like yesterday's attacks in Paris happen, I try to remember that every generation has had to confront hate in their own way. Many have come before us and many will come after. The methods of evil evolve and shift over time and space, and so should our tactics…

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  4. fake Flavin

    While in Minneapolis for a conference, several museum technologists sang karaoke in a place that resembled a doctor's office. It was weirdly awesome and strange. Total eclipse in exam room one; fake Flavin in exam room two. Images via @Jennifer_Foley, @caw, @StaticMade, @artlust, @museumofemily and @DTulo…

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  5. Due South

    I love road trips. To me, the freedom of jumping in a car with a full tank of gas and no firm timeline is both exciting and liberating. Having two young kids, however, has made it difficult for us to wander aimlessly as a family in recent years. Adeline is…

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