Static Made

by Jeffrey Inscho

Written and produced with love in the City of Champions.

About This Site

Hello and welcome. My name is Jeffrey Inscho and I've been writing since January 2012. I currently live in the City of Champions with my wife, kids, and our dog Monty. In September 2012 I joined the team at Carnegie Museum of Art, where I lead emerging media initiatives.

Static Made is a website that investigates the intersection of technology, creativity, mindfulness and culture. If you enjoy it, I would love if you wrote to say Hello.

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Technical Stuff: utilizes responsive web design techniques and is built on the latest stable version of Ghost. My theme files (a fork of Dale Anthony's Uno) are open-sourced on GitHub. The site is hosted by Digital Ocean.

Posts are written in markdown using Mou and all HTML/CSS is written using Coda2.

My primary machine is a 13" MacBook Air, however I also post to the site using my iPhone 5.


In April 2013, along with my co-producer Suse Cairns, I started Museopunks, a monthly internet broadcast that investigates interactivity, innovation and creativity in the museum sector.

Speaking + Consulting:

Occasionally, I'm invited to speak about my work and assist organizations with digital strategy. I've previously given talks for organizations such as American Alliance of Museums (AAM), the Museum Computer Network (MCN), the New Media Consortium (NMC), Learning Revolution, Museums and the Web, the National Arts Marketing Project (NAMP), Americans for the Arts, #ArtsTech and the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council.

If you think I'd be a good fit for your event or organization, holler.

Copyright License:

All original content posted on this website is published under a Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 license. This means you are free to share or distribute the work as long as you credit Static Made with a backlink. You are also permitted to modify or remix the work under the stipulation that you make your derivative work available under a similar license.

Questions about this license? Just ask.


The ideas published on this website, along with those to which I link, do not necessarily reflect the ideas and beliefs of my employer.